May 30, 2011

My First Day in the Park - May 26th Loonie

Day One in the Bike Park happened for me last Thursday along with a couple hundred other people during the Summit Bike /Whistler Golf Course Loonie Race. It wasn’t exactly how I had planned my first ride in the park this year, and the weather seemed threatening, but I hate to miss a good loonie race. I was curious to see how much snow was up there too.

Bike Park loonies usually involve a climb up to mid station and then a fun fast descent. I always ride my trail bike rather than my park bike though. It's worth it for the climb.

My Loonie Race bike

Waiting at the start. This hill is way harder than it looks.

About to suffer.
 The course was grueling. We headed up the main road to the lower skills centre and then got onto B-Line. People were red lining for sure. I just tried to stay focused on the wheel ahead of me. Climbing B-line was a bit wet in places and people were having trouble with some of the muddy berms.

The course.

That's me in the front, don't know why I am smiling. Photo Sean St. Denis

I tried out my new adjustable height seat post and it was amazing. I rode to the top of the climb and just pushed the button to drop my seat while everyone else was getting off to lower theirs. Haha!

After the hell climb it was time to go down. We came all the way down Crank It Up which was unbelieveably fun. I forgot how much I loved that trail. And in a loonie race it is even  more fun because you are charging down it with a lot of people around you. I kind of forget that I am on a little hard tail with no full face helmet and no protection. But the trails were in good condition. There were just a few wet sections on Crank It Up. There was a pretty muddy puddle getting onto the box and a couple muddy corners right after that. But the rest of it is sweet. We finished up the race on Heart of Darkness, another favourite of mine. 
Now I am ready to ride park and it only took one lap that I had to pedal up. Next time I'll bring the big bike and the full face though. Can't wait.
Miss Becky

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