May 29, 2011

Inspiration - reBlogged

Big Up's and thanks for Inspiration from wherever it originates! This time from our friends in the Capitol @Tall Tree Cycles. Click on the Title of this blog to feel the inspiration.

The Picture above is a snapshot of the scene after the Nimby Fifty Mtb race that went down this weekend in Beautiful Pemberton B.C. where Mountain Biking is truly sacred.

I am almost scared to admit the sacredness of our sport in this town as the locals are so good to their trails. As soon as the white stuff is almost gone - THEY SHOVEL! Then they buff, and they build and the trails are amazing (sorry Pemby - cats out of the bag!).

There was a Baby Jesus Tent Rally in Pemby this weekend as well. I twice passed the tent as sermon was is session and twice was curious to stop and listen in but did not. This particular sect of Jesus worshipers were also praising Chuck Norris - no

Chromag Bikes only made it to the Dirt Rally - and it was good. The kids race was a spectacle to behold (see picture above). Three different starts for kids groups all under 6 yrs. Wow! I saw the same looks on these kids faces that I saw on some 300 adults on the start line not five hours earlier.

As you can also see, the crowd in the background celebrated Apres as only the Sea to Sky know how to do. Papa Josh had the live music vibes going sweet, beer flowed, gourmet food was ate and smiles were sustained for hours.
I remember the Sunset Series of the late nineties in the Capitol of which the Tall Tree Cyle blog speaks - they had a good vibe for sure and then died out somehow, like someone stole the fun. My suggestion at the time was to change the course each week which they never did.

The WORCA Twoonies are why I moved to Whistler. With a different course and sponsor each week. Three hundred people show up including the Mayor, your Dentist, your Lawyer, Pro skiers and Bikers and seasonal foreign accented newbies all beaming with Fun.


Thanks WORCA, Thanks PVTA, Thanks Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze and the Marin Klunker Crew that first shredded dirt on 26 inch wheels.

Thanks Chuck Norris and Jah too.

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