Jan 20, 2012

oo hai!

It's been almost 3 months since I left the Whisney land where people ditched their bikes and spend most of the time on the white hills. The weather has been just perfect for biking near Tokyo area, no rain for straight 35days, fallen leaves with majic traction etc. I know I could've written an article here much earlier...on a sunny day? No way I gotta go ride. Fortunately or not, it's raining now. So here's the highlight of the past few months in Japan...

Can you count how many Chromags are in this pic? 6 outta 9!

35 riders showed up incl. top XC racers. 3 hours up, an hour down.

Chromag meeting in Kobe during Xmas holidays. Check out the video!

I won the New Year Cup. What a good start for 2012!

A bit of PT action

Potentially, One of the best places for Friday ride if it's ever gonna happen in Japan. 

There are't many bike specific trails in Japan but you'll be surprised how people here are passionate about biking. They have jobs, they have families, and they love to spend their time on 2 wheels whenever they can. It doesn't matter where you live, right? Also it's awesome to see more people are loving their Chromags and they ride hard!


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