Oct 2, 2012


Heading back to Japan is always a big deal for me, lots of packing especially with 3 bikes this year, cleaning the ranger house, saying bye for peeps. All happen because I'm leaving the country but not simply moving out to somewhere else.

gypsy shot me shooting J2U and Nugs in the last entry

What is "home" to you? Where is it? I'd say my "home" is somewhere I miss when I leave but know that I'm coming back no matter what at the same time, not just where I grew up. I've lived in Whistler for only total of 2 years out of my life which is a little more than a quater century and still call it "home".

gypsy express down to YVR

So, when am I coming back? I can't tell yet. Then, am I coming back, I can say "yes".

Once you get out the door, a trip begins, in search for another home.

See you on the other side of the world, or at my home.

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