Sep 12, 2012

The Four Kings

Mountain Bike racing has a relatively short history on this earth. All kinds of race formats have been (and are still) being created to suit the ever evolving bikes we use and the ever evolving ideas of the mountain bike enthusiasts. As the equipment changes, the trails change, one thing that does not change is our need to both have fun and compete on bikes.
Enduro racing captures the basis of both XC and DH racing and seems to be winning over a new breed of all mountain riders that must compete.
How on earth do you categorize the insane trilogy of races that ended last weekend with the “Four Kings”?

The Four Kings was the finale in a Trilogy of unique races that was a follow up the Four Queens which was a follow up to the Four Jacks.

This Trilogy of races and each stage within each of the three races truly stands alone. Uncategorizable!  Maybe an Enduro/Stage/Circus race that requires mad mtb skills, mega fitness and a penchant for enduring pain slash bizarre fun. These are the races that most other races want to be.

Q. Could these races have been so well contested anywhere other than Whistler? Who’s to say? All three events were a huge success.
With the legends of the Jacks and Queens – The Kings sold out in 18 minutes!

The (Trilogy) creator, Mr. Tony Horn has quite an imagination indeed. With a vast knowledge of the trails in the Whistler valley, it is a treat to just partake and get to ride so many trails within one weekend.
 The level of riders that partook is truly outstanding and the format favored the riders who are the most well rounded at both pinning the hane-gnar down, as well as punching it uphill and everything in-between. The races also featured the odd time bonus for executing a particular crux move, or by having the best costume for a certain stage.

 The most important element of all three events was that each rider had to choose their weapon wisely. One bike and one set of tires that you could not change between stages. Bike doping was enforced!

All stages were themed after a particular Jack, Queen or King from the annals of human history and the representation of these characters were well suited to the type of race for their stage. The trilogy ended with King Kong, which was probably the best Enduro race there will ever be.

We at Chromag are proud to have been a part of all three stage races and this past weekend we had no less than 15 Chromag steel hard tails represented in the Four Kings.
In finishing order, here are the Chromag riders listed below (If we miss someone here please let us know).

5. Kevin Phelps
21. Julian Hine
33. Ian Ritz
38. Sean Dinwoodie
39. J-F Robert
41. Dan Skogland
51. Peter O’loughlin
*54. Greg Mcdonnell *(split tail broke and borrowed a Chromag to finish King Kong).
69. Guy Patterson
91. Yoshi Tsuji
99. Andrew Rankin
104. John Inglis
121.Matt Mcinnis
126. Jinya Nishiwaki
130. Pete Field (SINGLE SPEED FREEK)

                                         Dan Skogland sending it in the DH.

                                         Matt Mcinnis dropping into Top of the World.

                                                           Kinsmen up to the Peak!

                                                           J to the U with a Kings Prayer.

                                          Dub in the Dark TT.

                                          Panowama sign in.

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