May 29, 2012

Nimby Fifty - Pemberton, B.C. 2012

 This past weekend some of the Chromag Family participated in the 3rd running of the Nimby Fifty with almost 400 other Numptys.

 Nimby Fifty : An epic mountain bike race covering many of the world-class single track trails, climbs and descents that Pemberton, BC is famous for.

 Numpty: From the urban dictionary on the interweb - A reckless, absent minded or unwise person; A person who never has or never will have a f*ing clue what he is doing; a Scottish term, short for numb-skull.

This year an added bonus to the already awesome event, was the ‘Redbull Downtime’ or the race within the race; the long and sketchy downhill trail Overnight Sensation was timed separately as a DH race which made the results page much more interesting to study.

 We had 10 Chromag steel hardtails on course covering 3 different wheel diameters; four 26’rs, five 29’rs and one 650b. All 10 finished the race with an impressive 5th place finish in the DH by our own caged animal, Kevin Phelps.

 Thanks to Pemberton for a great time on your trails, relaxing on your Mayors farm sipping beers while listening to your multi musically talented Papa Josh.

Chromag will be back! Thanks also to Chromag riders (in finishing order) Kevin Phelps, Julian Hine, Clark Lewis, J-F Robert, Ian Ritz, John Inglis, Steve Mitchell, Dan Skogland, Jason Heggenes and Andrew Rankin.

 Photos courtesy of Todd Hellinga.

Mt.Currie/Dread Lion/Dead

Clark Lewis


J-F Robert

Julian Hine

Kevin Phelps

Ian Ritz

Dan Skogland

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