Jun 12, 2011

Wades Excellent Adventure

A truly awesome event went down Saturday on the North Shore of Vancouver, arguably the birthplace of modern style mountain biking. The event was hosted and presented by the Godfather of Freeride - Wade Simmons, a North Shore local and mountain bike Hall of Famer. Chromag entered a team into the Corporate Category consisting of Bossman Ian Ritz, Julian Hine, J-F Robert, Matty Richard and Dan Skogland. Naturally, we were all ripping our steel Chromag hardtails.

The format was great. It was a team event where each team had to ride and finish together - exactly how we like to do our own Friday rides.

Teams were given a card at the start with their route for the first lap. It was a mass start but not all teams were dropping into the same trail on the first lap. All teams ended up doing the same three laps by the end. The whole ride was amazing, the gravel road climb up Fromme was a perfect chill spin or, for some, a suffer-fest climb. The choice of trails we rode had Team Chromag hooting and hollering like enraged mountain warriors all the way down.

The atmosphere was chill, no number plates, and a party vibe blossomed as teams finished. The later teams finished by riding right through the partying crowd. The final trail "Bobsled!" was enough to keep a smile going for hours.

Team Chromag finished 3rd overall and 2nd in the corporate category.

Thanks to Wade and all the great sponsors that made it possible - hope this happens next year, we are looking forward to it already!

Four of the 5 steel hardtails that were ridden by Team Chromag.

Spirited Riders.

Chromag Rider winning with a "Best Crash" award - yeah Dan!

Post ride Team Chromag.

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