Oct 19, 2009

swiss chromag - what does it say?


Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know Akira spoke German!

Unknown said...

it says "it is up to us to play"

The Wop

Unknown said...

Thanks Wop

b.asti said...

thats mine. thats zuerich/switzerland. Yeah "It is up to us to play" is the right translation.Great to see the pic over here. I love that bike more and more.

My riding grow because of that bike (and maybe because of the exclusively full sussered riding company over here) . Thanks alot for such an awesome bike design work.

Here are 2 other pics you probably like:

cheers. b.asti

Chromag Bikes said...

Thanks b.asti, we found your image and loved it! I like the bike shop wheelie shot too! Saw your pics of you riding in the Mountains too - lovely indeed. We just did a classic 5 hrs pass here before work on a Tuesday because that's how we role and we take the graffiti message in your photo to heart. Long Live Long Rides! Thanks b.asti!

travis said...

I see 2 legit 2 quit.